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MSTS and circular track

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1 Jul 2005
Well this has been a problem evident since Day 1 of MSTS; it can't do complex circles.

This diagram explains how it works:

TScircle path.JPG

Blue is the Track Spline
Red is the Path

MTST uses track splines to calculate paths, this path has to be from end-to-end. The reason being that MSTS look for the simplest route possible that has an end; a circle has no end, MSTS keeps going round and it gets confused because it can't create a logical end; so MS have built ina feature that stops you from creating 'direct' loops.

We CAN get around it; the Littlemoor Miniature Railway (UKTrainSim) deals with this by putting in a 'siding' that isn't connected to the loop, and you can reverse into the point of origin and start again; becasue MSTS thinks the path ends at the end of the siding, which acts as a headshunt.

LucaZone (Kuju Railway Simulator) did a route a while ago that also allowed you to do a continuous loop, there was a pair of buffers that faced each other, the loop being connected by an 'avoiding' line; the reason was yet again, MSTS thought the path ended at the buffer set.
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