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Multi-Coloured Bubbles and Pain Staking Waits 27/10/2006

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Julian G

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9 Jun 2005
After Realising I have missed my train for Clapham Junction to get a Juniper from there to Waterloo, I took a C-stock (5532+6532) to Earl's Court and then a Refurb D-stock came in, I took it as far as Victoria as I knew i was losing some time, and then I took the Victoria Line to Vauxhal (67+72+67+67)
then I rushed to Platform 7 to see a Unrefurbished+Refurbished 455 coming in, We went to platform 2, I got a phone from RJ telling me where am I and that the train leaves in 2mins, I then Rushed to Platform 18, to my horror to find it was a Desiro, the Train left quite late to the guard being late, apparantly RJ claimed he saw a 37 approaching Queenstown Road Battersea where we got off, but it was a 458, so then another wait for the Desiro (again :( ) , we tried looking for 37603 but no luck, we saw an MPV coming in
and then 66719 coming in on the Empty Gyspum, Then RJ called Tom, we found he was in Borehamwood, so then 14:05 Silverlink to Kensington Olympia, no 37s, then Tom called RJ to tell him that he is at Cricklewood waiting for 6E38 and after that RJ remembered that 6E38 doesn't pass Cricklewood!,after asking the Tube Operator what time the Shuttle Leaves, he got his little book of Timetables and told us 14:35 dep, so then we took the Shuttle to High St Kensington, and then an Edgware Road train came in, we took it as far as Paddington and then a quite rush for the Bakerloo Line Platforms, and then to Marylebone to get the Multi-Coloured Bubbles, after that we saw 168001 come in, and then a walk to Baker Street to grab a C-stock to King's X, and then to KXTL, to grab a 319 up to Mill Hill Broadway, nothing up there after waiting for a long time, i waved to the driver of the 319, He waved and sounded the horn, then a ride back to London , but RJ spotted the Severly Delayed Serco Train
Here is a failed Attempt of a shot
Then at KXTL, RJ rushed to Charing X and I went to Victoria to get a 319, but no, I missed it on purpose
and that's that
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