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Multi stage journey with Bicycle

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28 Apr 2016
Ashford, Kent
I am planning a multi stage journey to stay with a friend so we can do some cycling. So taking my bike is a key element to the journey.

The journey will be on Sunday 20/06/2021 evening

Faversham to St Pancras on South Eastern no bike reservation possible, no engineering planned ( as far as i can see)
Kings Cross to Keighley on LNER bike reservation possible

I am planning to use advance tickets so wonder if I have any protection if taking the bicycle is refused/not possible on either journey?

Whilst I will get a bike reservation where that facility is possible and be travelling at "allowed" times, the caveat on the websites is slightly worrying

"If your bike would obstruct other passengers when they’re getting on or off, or standing, we may ask you to remove it – or not to bring it on board – even at times when bikes are normally allowed. If a member of train or station staff asks you to remove your bike from the train, you must do so. If we can’t let you board because there’s no room for your bike, our staff will help you find another train."
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3 Feb 2013
A bike reservation on the LNER service will guarantee you can take your bike on that service as it will be housed in the designated bike space. For the Southeastern service there really shouldn't be a problem but you might want to allow yourself some additional time (travel one train earlier than necessary) to mitigate any problems with capacity. It is, however, fairly unlikely that you will have a problem on that service in my opinion.
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