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    Hi, for a while now, I have meant to share the details about my model railway, including the exact stuff and the details, just so newbies here and veterans can see what I run. I'll post news and updates here also. Essentially this is just so I can share more stuff about my models, as I always feel I need more places to show my stock off ;).

    A few basic details - I don't do scenery. Apart from 2 signal boxes, and a station building, I have never bothered with scenery. On top of this, I don't model a specific area, or time. I buy what I like. I run 2 scales, side by side (N, and H0) and have 10 tracks of them both in the busiest sector, 6 being terminals, and 4 being through tracks.

    Rolling Stock (In service only)
    Diesel Locomotives

    - Danish State Railways ME 1524, built by McK (, purchased in 2016. (H0)
    - Deutsch Bahn Class 212-311-5, built by Fleischmann, purchased in 2000 (H0)
    - British Railways (FGW) Class 57605, 'Totnes Castle', built by Graham Farish, Purchased in 2013 (N)
    Electric Locomotives
    - Danish State Railways EA 3007 'Kirstine Meyer', built by ACME (, purchased in 2015 (H0)
    -MRCE Class 185 544-4, built by Fleischmann, purchased in 2016 (N)
    Carriages and Wagons
    -7X EWS Coal hoppers, built by Hornby, purchased in 2013 (H0)
    -1X Deutsch Bahn Cargo scrap transport wagon, built by Fleischmann, purchased in 2000 (H0)
    -1X Modified GWR guards wagon, converted to camera car. Built in 2018 (H0 - Wheels only)
    -1X Danish State Railways Bc-T carriage, built by Helijan, purchased in 2015 (H0)
    -1X Danish State Railways WRD carriage, built by Helijan, purchased in 2015 (H0)
    -2X Danish State Railways Bcm-o carriages, built by Roco, purchased in 2016 (H0)
    -1X Danish State Railways Bn carriage, built by Fleischmann, purchased in 2018 (N)
    -1X Deutsch Bahn Wgmz sleeper carriage, built by Fleischmann, purchased in 2018 (N)
    -1X Deutsch Bahn Bm carriage, built by Fleischmann, purchased in 2018 (N)
    -2X SBB Cargo wagons, built bu Fleischmann, purchased in 2014 (N)

    (Note, other British Railways MK3, and MK2 carriages are owned by me, but have not been in service, or have only been used for spares / modifications. These aren't counted as they are rarely run.)

    The entire layout is controlled using the Fleischmann twin centre. The controller is old, but numerous updates and modifications have allowed it to continue in operation. Potential successors are being considered, and a newer Twin Centre version is the prime candidate.

    Point switches are controlled by a variety of point controllers, but the manufactures are Lenz, and Fleischmann. These all connect to the twin centre. All but a single point motor is centrally controlled. Conversion to a single controller for points took place in 2014. Previously, separate controllers were used. The single uncontrolled point, will not be added to the controller, because it would require a completely new sub controller, which wouldn't be worth the time and money for a single point.

    Tracks 4 and 5 are the programming tracks, and when a train requires changes to its DCC chips, it heads to these tracks. Track 4 is an N Gauge track, and Track 5 is an H0 Gauge track.

    -The entire N Gauge tracks, including terminus, and mainline (Track 1,2,3,4,10,11, and N1) are Fleischmann profi tracks, and the purchase dates of the track ranges from 2010 to 2017.
    -The H0 terminus tracks (5,6,7,8) are all Fleischmann profi tracks.
    -The H0 mainline tracks (M1,M2,M3) are original Piko tracks, with purchase dates ranging from 2000, to 2010. Much of the track was brought in the year 2000, and runs fine.
    -The H0 mainline sidings (just off of M3) are original Piko tracks, sharing the same ages of the M1, M2, M3 tracks.

    -All N Gauge lines operate with Fleischmann point motors, connected to sub controllers.
    -All H0 terminus tracks (5,6,7,8) operate with Fleishchmann point motors, connected to sub controllers
    -All H0 mainline, and mainline sidings, operate with Hornby point motors. Replacement will take place when the original Piko tracks break / become unusable.

    There is currently a single test signal on the line, but is not operational, and constantly shows a red light. I have no plans to implement a full signal service in the near future.

    -Possible removal of the M3 line, to allow for a N Gauge / HO Gauge cross over. The former M3 area would become a N Gauge Line (N2). This would require new track for the new N Gauge line, and the provision for extra stock. The current M3 line gets rare usage anyway, because of its tight loading gauge. The N Gauge network would operate new stock, potentially a Class 350, or a German / Danish multiple unit.

    -Introduction of a Danish State Railways MR from This would be stabled on track 9. It would be clear to operate on M1, and M2. The MR is formed of 2 carriages, which would be fully lit. Sound would be disabled, but not removed.

    -Possible incline being built for N1, to allow it to avoid the H0 tracks around the terminal area.

    Any questions?
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    18 Aug 2015
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    Lets see some photos :D

    Be interesting to see the different stock side by side. I have a model layout too, mine is central european HOe narrow gauge
  4. DenmarkRail

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    13 Jun 2016
    Sorry, only just seen this - I'm on it :)

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