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13 Oct 2005
I like:

VXC 220/221's (alot),
150's (especially when I've been on a sh*t 142/3)

Most, if not all loco hauled stock.

Unsure about:
158's- OK for a short journey, but a long distance one (e.g Manchester to Penzance on Arriva, it's terrifying to even think about being on it that long, as I neally was 2 or 3 Summer's back)

153's- only 1-car DMU's, but the main reason is that I recentally went on a Wessex 153 from Bristol to Highbridge, and it was in a disgraceful condition. (The unit was 153318, in Heart of Wales livery, running 35 late)

Steam trains, but do like a "blast from the past".


142's/143's/144's- After being on a lovely 220/221 in 1st class, it's a real "shock", when I have to go on this wessex thing. I didn't have a kind of train that I wish didn't exist, let alone run, until I met these. Never been on a 144, but guess they're just the same, but with an extra centre coach.
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5 Jul 2005
I was on a 220 from York - Leeds then has the misfortune of catching a jam packed rush hour 142 (to the point the guard had to start picking people off the train)

There's nothing to hold onto except the torn up seat, nowhere to look

So just imagine, nowhere to move going over bumpy metals, not very fun.

That just about topped it off for me.


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7 Aug 2005
Seth said:
I presume you voted for the third option.

After an hour and a half of listening to presentations done by people in my Politics class, with constant "MP's," "who's," "people's," "voter's," "member's" and the one that made me shiver; "commons's" I feel compelled to vote for the 3rd one. :lol:

But then again, I'd have gone for that one even if I'd had a perfect day. :D :lol:

/Checks grammar


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11 Jun 2005
Well im a 142/143 fan but mainly a 144 fan now:

142s: yes they may be crap but i would like people to stop taking the pi$$ tbh, its only a personal opinion, but what i like about 142s is they're angine noise and the unique characteristics of the bounce!

143s: Same as a 142, just different externally and out but have a great heafty engine noise! :D

144s: My favorite, 2 car or 3 car, just like the 143, thrashy but have REALLy nice seats, quite cushion-y, not like the 142s or 143s.

150: used to HATE the wessex units as the seats were crap, hurt my back and rear-end alot, they dont seem to anymore, maybe it was just the way i was sitting on them, so ive now de-classified them as bog units

153: Ok in a way, some seats are just torn apart, stinks and the fact the seats are too low you cant see out the friggin window!
see the spectacular scenery of the H-O-W line, well i would if i could see it!

155s: See 153

156: last 156 i was on was probably an SPT one to Paisley, not bad at all, nice seats, thrashy here and there!

158: alright now and again, like the Scotrail ones best, Inverness - Wick is fine for it, didnt bother me one bit, but Arriva/Wessex seats are the worst, try Manchester - Newport, the seat was KILLING me! very uncomfortable

159: much better, nice seats, nothing to complain about

170: See 159

171: not been on one

175: Great, only been on a couple, the FGW auto announcer funny like hell!

180: Nice piece of kit, audio coach with good stations and works all the time (if not, for me anyway!), the FGW auto announcer to laugh at (i basically know the script of it!) except cuts out the radio, especially on a great tune!

185: Opinion? if your reading this you should know that i dont have one, Its not out yet! silly!

220: Excellent, lovely job, i like them, only problem i have is the radios dont always work for me, if they do, not much good on.

221: See 220

222: Excellent, especially the De-Classified FC, only been on an MML 222 to Derby in FC, brilliant it was!


14 Aug 2005
I like them. :lol:
For less used lines,branchlines etc then they do a good job.
But when full or on longer runs then they are not up to the job.


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13 Oct 2005
Many thanks :) for your excellently fair reply H-O-Wessex , I'm especially pleased that you didn't take the p*+s out of 220/221's. I was on a 220 from Man Picc to Brum a year or two ago and noticed the radio wasn't working (just wasn't turned on). It was because the TM probablly didn't know that the system had been turned off.

As for 158's- I often do the 14:34 from Highbridge to Bristol (connected with my lovely 15:28 Bristol to Preston [13:25 Plymouth to Glasgow], on the way back from Somerset, a) because I don't get a 143, & b) A VT lady freind in 1st class I know is often what VT calls the "First Class Host" (Serves the complimentary snack box/ drinks at seat with trolley), and often find the 158 full up- lucky you can reserve seats on them!

But I've also done the Manchester to Newport trip with my Dad when visiting relatives, & allways curse having a 158 when I know I could be on a 220/221.

My OVERALL view on them, as allready mentioned, is that they're ok for shorter journey's, but not for long ones. I'll tell you that me & my Dad were booked on a 158 combo from Crewe to St Erth 2 or so years back in Summer. He got of at Hereford, thinking he could get to a buffet in time for getting back to the train (how wrong he was!) I was thankful, even though I was on my own, & had several pieces of luggage to take of the 158. The guard was kind though, when I told him, as he told me to take everything of, and then give him a little wave, so he knew when he could close the doors & give the driver the RA.

I haven't actually seen a 222 my self (apart from in fots), let alone been on one, because I rarely get myself to the ECML.

I really want to do two things though: Go on a 175, on a long-distance (well at least an hour), and the same, but on a 350. I looked around 350 128, and it was VERY nice. My pet 350 is 111. I do however dislike new multiple units which have FC in the middle, or between standard class cars, especially 180's, because they aren't anywhere as near private, compared to say a 220/221. :?

I still hold my view that 143's are crap though. Even my Uncle who works for NR at Swindon agree's with me, and he doesn't really care about the type of train at all.
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