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My train videos from sweden and finland

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27 May 2012

My latest video edited a week ago shot in finland at summer time 2009-2010


Please enjoy ;)
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Greetings from Sweden :D

Hi all.

Ive been working in Stockholm Subway as an mechanic for over 20 years.
Have liked trains since was an child, didn't know then i was to be working on subway when i got older, none of my friends was ever interested in trains so thought i was some 'unusual' with all this.

Bought me an videocamera but not for shooting these trains in some 5 years time.
I was filming my old people before they've gone away.
But started filming some trains in finland 1990, low quality VHS film.
And of my some 7 or more vhs video tapes only 3 or 4 shots are worth watching.
My favorite shot is still missing filmed in '93.

Stopped filming trains in 95'

11 years later 2006 bought me an HDV camera, now with ultra high quality video was able too shoot this trains again actually worth saving, however no computer could then manage these files in multi gigabytes.

1 tape is about 15 gb in size...so 70 hrs is 1tb (one tera byte)

And the hdv camera i bought was too make videos of my child growing up, so take the extra personal time too go by the railroad track was not easy.
Only in 2010 i got a chance to film a record 16 trains during the vacation time in finland. And those trains are more interesting for me than the swedish trains because the only chance too see them is when going abroad on a vacation.
Of course there are som interesting trains here also, but that is those museum trains wich only runs at summer time :)

only now in a few weeks (May 2012) ive been able too edit some footage.

and only now i realize i should be filming more videos than i actally did, what a nice afterthought after so many years.

Now i have transfered my vsh tapes to dvd's
However, i can't make my burned dvd's to work with my edit tool, it only reads one shot (the first 20 seconds of an dvd movie with an hour of material)

So there is no way i can get my 90's material in a movie clips style, not yet that is.

Yeah that's about it.
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Model C20 #2258 Stockholm underground, however this video is outside depot :)

the C20 series goes from #2001-2270 delivered between years 1997-2004
by Kalmar Verkstad Adtranz and later by Bombardier

one extra stock car was made with composite material, more like smoother airplane design and it's got the #2000 and waS made around 2003.

Fresh video filmed with my android phone today 9 hrs ago.

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