My visit to India 2012 - the movie (2h video)

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19 Mar 2007
Vienna, Austria

Now I am back from a fantastic trip, everything worked like clockwork and my friends, but also strangers I met, were extremely hospitable. I experienced new highlights every day, some of them I caught on video, a lot only on photo. However, this will give you a nice taste of things to come in the travelogues, with a lively country as India it is always of advantage to watch moving pictures with sound.

So, enjoy railways on narrow, metre and broad gauge, smoking ALCO, EMD and other diesels as well as electrics, fascinating people and amazing landscapes. An introduction and more general information will follow in the first part of the trip reports.

As always you will find a clickable index when expanding the video description, sadly it only works for times shorter than an hour, after that you will have to adjust manually if needed.

The video link:

Preview pictures

P.S.: At the moment of posting the video was not yet available in HD, but Youtube should process it soon.
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