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My year so far

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8 Jun 2005
Waiting in some far corner of the country for a 37
As the Summer is coming to an end here are a few of my favourite moments and photos of 2005.

The 5th Feburary saw doubleing heading 37s on a railtour at Reading which was taken over by two GBRf 73s.

Also on the same day was the last time I saw a Freightliner Intermodal 47 at work. 47358 was seen at Stratford.

The 19th of Feburary was my first trip to Rhymney. 37411 is seen at Rhymney before running round

After pretty much rejecting the WCML since the September 2004 timetable change the 26th changed my opinion towards seeing the 87s to "87s no longer came looking for you, you had to go looking for them" and be prepared to see only 2 on a good day after seeing 2 at Euston on a Saturday. This meant I spent quite a bit of time in the WCML. 87004 is seen leaving Euston on a Wolverhapton train.

So the next weekend was a trip up to Crewe to see the drags and in hope that an 87 turned up. On our 170 at Stafford (on the way to Crewe) we happened to see a DVT coming into the and looked at the back and saw the recently repainted 87012 in NSE so lept of the train and ran over to Platform 3 to get a photo. 87012 seen here at Stafford.

As the last weekend was so good the next weekend resulted in another trip to Stafford and Crewe. On the way up a 37 railtour was seen at Leamington Spa. Hence 37427 passing Leamington Spa.

At Crewe 87010 was seen with a set in reverse formation hece the loco on the south end. Here 87010 leaves Crewe.

The next weekend was spent around London to try and see some of the Anglia 86s which were still going and some Virgin 87s. Here 86232 rushs though Stratford with a train form Norwich

We got lucky at Euston 4 87s were seen working passenger trains. This was the very last time I ever saw 4 87s working on one day. Here 87010 leaves Euston.

87012 was also seen at Euston

The end of March resulted in a trip to Switzreland. Here MGB 108 is seen at Oberalp Pass at 2,023 meters high.

BLS 465002 is seen passing Kandersteg on a freight.

Back to england and a Newly repainted 87019 was seen at Euston on the 2nd April

After 86234 returned to service another trip to Stratford happened. 86234 passes Stratford on the 9th April

The next Sunday (10th) saw Football extras from Southend to Cardiff. 47815 passes Tilehurst heading for Cardiff

With the Saturday 87 digrams now known. The 14:33 Euston - Wolves is seen passing Carpenders Park with 87002 leading on the 16th April.

The next weekend saw a trip to Nuneaton to see the drags and in hope that an 87 would turn up. 87019 comes into Nuneaton on the 23rd April.

90017 was also out on a Wolverhapton digram the same day and is seen here at Euston.

The 30th April was another trip to South Wales to see the Rhymney 37s. 37425 is seen here at Rhymney.

The 7th of May was a party disappointment due to only one 87 being out. But the reward of waiting at Carpenders Park for 2 hours was 87012 in full sun.

The 14th May was another trip to South Wales. 37425 is seen here leaving Ystrad Mynach.

Friday the 27th was a sunny evening at Carpenders Park with 87004 and 87019 aswell as the Cobblers this is a day I shall not forget. 87019 is seen passing Carpenders Park with the 18:10 Euston Wolves in full evening light.

The next firday (3rd June) was sadly not as good due to the weather but it still resulted in some impressive photos of during a storm. 87019 rushes though Carpenders Park with the 17:40 Euston Wolverhapton in a storm. This was sadly the last day I ever saw 87s in action as I was busy the next friday and unable to say a final farewell to A Class that I loved. I will still remember Royal Scot, Royal Sovereign, Patriot, Britannia, City of London... for the rest of my life. RIP Class 87s on WCML mainline passenger 1973-2005

Leaving the WCML behind a line that I can now hardly bare to return to. The next weekend was spent on the Southern region. 3417 passes Vauxhall with the Final SWT Slam Door train out of Waterloo on the 18th June.

The day ended up in Littlehapton after traveling 100% of the way from Victoria on VEPs. 3535 is seen at Littlehampton.

The next Wednesday (22nd) saw a sad stock move to South Wales. 47841 is seen here passing Tilehurst

With the 60 fleet in now under 50 a trip to South Wales was called for again on the 28th June. 60071 is seen here passing Newport.

A trip to ride the Great Yarmouth 47 was made on the 2nd July. A clagging 47813 is seen leaving Norwich.

Another trip to Switzerland was made in July this time by train. 11102 was seen passing Pratteln on the 8th July 2005.

Two Dispolok leads the R4C train at Bellinzona.

MOB 6003 leaves Les Avants heading for Montreux.

BLS 185 is seen with a car train at Kandersteg.

Another short trip to South Wales was made on Saturday the 23rd July. 47832 is seen at Cardiff Central with a railtour.

A Holiday (Note Holiday not Trip this was NOT just a train trip!) to the West Coast of the USA happened for the later part of July and eraly part of August. UP SD40-2 3219 leads a freight north at Centralia, Wa

BNSF 4534 leads a westbound at Stevenson, Wa in the Columbia River Gorge

A few days were spent on the world famous The Tehachapi Pass. UP 4660 leads a freight at Bealville, Ca.

PURE MAGIC! BNSF 5168 raws upgrade at Caliente, Ca

The wonders of Californian evening light show up in this photo of BNSF 5127 at Ilmon, Ca.

The next day a quick stop was made a Cajon Summit where Santa Fe 683 leads a westbound freight.

Amtrak 453 at the rear of a northbound Surfliner at San Juan Capistrano, Ca.

Getting back to England found 37419 and 37411 back in service in the Rhymney line. 37411 is seen here at Caerphilly on the 20th August

For first day of our Heart of England Rail Rover we visited Crewe on the 26th. 47847 and 47839 get ready for tomorrow trips to Cardiff.

90027 comes into Stafford with a train for Manchester.

The next day the extras to Cardiff were seen at Hereford in the morning. 47839 leaves Hereford.

37427 at Crewe after working a train from Cardiff!

I hope you enjoyed them.
Visit my website http://www.jandmlphotos.co.uk/ for more photos from the year.
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8 Jun 2005
Those photos are great! You've seen far more loco hauled trains than I have.


Forum Staff
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6 Jun 2005
Superb! Thanks for taking the time to share these photos with us.

Seriously you could get a book printed with these shots in!


Well, I must have been stood not far to your left!! :lol:


Veteran Member
19 Jun 2005
Nowhere Heath
Am I envious? Short answer would be yes, but in a longer, essay-like answer, I'd say not so much.

I've got to say, you came down to Newport and Cardiff a lot!

You've done a lot, I'll say that much. I, however, plan to do more myself ASAP. Now I've done all of Devon and Cornwall, all I need to do is the Paignton HST (doing that Tues or Wed), then the Newquay HST later this month or next year.

I've got some big plans for September to December 16th, I'll let you all know the highlights at the end of the year.
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