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Discussion in 'Infrastructure & Stations' started by Alistair G., 11 Jun 2015.

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  1. Alistair G.

    Alistair G. Member

    16 Jun 2013
    I have visited this station recently and was surprised, it is all punted in East Midlands trains colours, all the posters are regarding East Midlands trains and yet..... There are no East Midlands trains services from this station.

    They don't even pass through the station, it's only cross country (and freight of course) that stop and also pass through narborough.

    Why do East Midlands trains have control of this station?. If I wanted to enquire about vacancies do I still go to East Midlands trains or do cross country take charge of recruitment??.

    All just very strange?!
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  3. thenorthern

    thenorthern Established Member

    27 May 2013
    The station is managed by East Midlands Trains as CrossCountry Trains don't manage any stations, I think its because it would be difficult for CrossCountry to manage stations given their large operating but I am not sure. So yes you would need to contact East Midlands Trains.

    There are many other stations in a similar situation such as Burton-on-Trent, Wilnecote and Coleshill Parkway.
  4. yorkie

    yorkie Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    6 Jun 2005
    There are not many stations served exclusively by CrossCountry so it's doubtful it would be economical for CrossCountry to manage these stations, due to economies of scale. The stations would not all be geographically near each other, which would further increase costs.

    The staff are employed by EMT, so contact EMT.
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    Agreed. See: Trivia: Stations not called at by managing TOC
  5. swt_passenger

    swt_passenger Veteran Member

    7 Apr 2010
    To follow up from that thread, now that I found the 2007 XC ITT, this is what it says about stations:

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