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National Express: odd new route from Norfolk to London

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24 Jan 2009
Hello all. Planning a trip from Swaffham in Norfolk down to London in August, and the journey planner on the National Express website is returning a new or unusual route...

Normally I'd expect to see the only daily service to London operated by the 496 Cromer > Fakenham > Swaffham > Mildenhall > Stratford > Victoria route (pdf timetable). I'd have thought this would be doubly useful because it passes by the Olympic site.

Instead, the only option is a route I've not seen before and which doesn't appear in the timetable, listed as SH (Shuttle) 012. It runs via Cambridge and Bow into Victoria, skipping Stratford. Is this a new route, or an Olympic diversion? And if so, why divert away from the Olympics?

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