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National Tramway Museum. Crich, Derbyshire. 29th Aug. 2016

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Bill EWS

10 Feb 2006
I have been visiting the National Tramway quite regularly since 1966 and it's always a pleasant event. Their Annual Aug. Bank Holiday Extravaganzas were fantastic, with every type of Classic transport vehicle possible, from Trams to Steam traction, Static engines, Tractors, Classic Cars and a massive Flea Market. Sadly, this event has dwindled considerably since the latter 70's due to the expense of fuel and travel costs for many of the exhibitors who came from far and wide. Today it's mainly concentrated on it's large collection of finely refurbished trams from many parts of the U.K. and Europe.

This year I mainly concentrated on taking video of the trams that were running though the day. Video was taken at the three main stopping points along the route and includes a view from the top 'open' deck of tram No. 40. Starting from Midway Stop to the northern terminus then from the Northern terminus to the main terminus at the site entrance.

This video runs for 39 minutes and is in HD quality.

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