Neilston <> Tweedback and the Newton line

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10 Dec 2012
I have a bunch of those Neilston to Tweedback (and return) tickets right through to the middle of April. I use them for the rather boring purpose of commuting between somewhere on the Neilston line and Glasgow Central.

There's a possibility I might be commuting from somewhere on the Newton line instead, before my tickets run out and I am keen to make the best use of what I've already paid for.

So if I had a ticket between Mount Florida and Central and then a season ticket from e.g. Kings Park to Mount Florida, I could combine them for one journey (subject to the standard rules about combining and splitting tickets etc). I think such a combination would also be valid on the train that goes via Maxwell Park and doesn't stop at Mount Florida (within 3 miles of the shortest route).

But my situation is a bit different. I have tickets with the start/end point of Neilston. So I'm quite happy to break a journey at Mount Florida and have done so a few times. But can I then continue on the same train on my way to my destination on the Newton line - or would I need to start a new journey on the next train?

And would that example combination of the Kings Park to Mount Florida season ticket plus a Neilston to Tweedbank ticket also be valid on the trains that go via the Maxwell Park route?
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23 May 2009
I don't know the geography of the area - but the train must go through Mount Florida, though it need not stop and no need to change trains.
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