Nene Valley Railway Diesel Gala 07/10/2006 Part I

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Julian G

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9 Jun 2005
King's Cross Loco Sidings sees 67021 and 47832 side by side today

Doing a bit of heads out on 43117+118 whilst approaching Peterborough

Class 31271 stabled on a Siding at Peterborough NVR

Class 117 DMU stabled at Peterborough NVR

Class 56057 thrashes whilst approaching Orton Mere

Class 40 D306 is stabled at Wansford Station

Class 14 D5916+D5920 pass through Wansford Station

Class 14 D5923 vice Class 03 to pull the trains to Yarwell Junction

Class 31271 is seen again this time at Wansford Station

Class 56057+Class 27066 leave Orton Mere

Class 117 DMU arrives into Orton Mere- note the familiar people flailing :)

Class 56003 comes into Peterborough NVR

Class 56003 at Orton Mere

Class 40 D306 comes into Orton Mere
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