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Network Gold Cards on Gatwick Express

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4 Apr 2012
Hopefully this won't ignite the usual debate, but are Network Gold Cards valid on Gatwick Express?

The NRES page http://www.nationalrail.co.uk/times_fares/season_tickets/goldcard.html Clearly states that they are valid, but the link on the same page to the Railcard area map clearly shows the Gatwick Express as excluded? http://www.railcard.co.uk/clientfiles/File/map.pdf

I seem to remember that it was supposed to be excluded, but seeing them listed in the list of TOCs has made me wonder. What is definitive here, the page or the map?
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14 Apr 2008
Network Railcards are not valid on Gatwick Express. Annual Goldcards are valid on Gatwick Express.


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6 Jun 2005
Are network railcards valid on southern-operated services from Gatwick to Victoria though?
Well, Gatwick Express is "operated by Southern" but whether they are valid or not depends on the destination on the ticket, and interpretations of various small print.

- The historical situation was that Gatwick Express was operated by InterCity while the other trains were Network SouthEast.
- The Network Railcard was an NSE product, and it was therefore, at that time, understandable that it was not valid on this premium product operated by quite different trains of superior InterCity rolling stock
- Now it's all one TOC, and the trains that operate many Brighton Express are identical to the trains that operate the Gatwick Express, none of the legitimate historical reasons for the non-acceptance of the NSE card remain.
- The rule is incredibly complex, I make no comment as to how enforceable this is, but a customer from Victoria to, say, Haywards Heath with NSE discount is considered valid, but a customer from Victoria to Gatwick is not considered valid, on the same train. Is it made clear? Is it fair? Is it reasonable? Is it enforceable (in the unlikely event of an on-board check)? I make no comment on the answers to those questions, people can make up their own minds!
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