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Julian G

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9 Jun 2005
Ta Nathan

Not exactly sure what this is, but its down as a test train so here it is!

6J43 09:28 Kirkby Stephen - 14:13 Kirkby Stephen
18/09 - 22/09, TThX

09:28 Kirkby Stephen
PASS 09:43 Garsdale
PASS 09:53 Blea Moor
PASS 09:56 Ribblehead
PASS 10:09 Settle Jn.
10:14-10:22 Hellifield
10:25-10:57 Hellifield Goods Loops
PASS 11:03 Settle Jn.
PASS 11:20 Ribblehead
PASS 11:23 Blea Moor
PASS 11:35 Garsdale
11:49-12:15 Kirkby Stephen
PASS 12:42 Garsdale
PASS 12:52 Blea Moor
PASS 12:55 Ribblehead
PASS 13:08 Settle Jn.
13:14-13:21 Hellifield Goods Loops
PASS 13:27 Settle Jn.
PASS 13:44 Ribblehead
PASS 13:47 Blea Moor
PASS 13:59 Garsdale
14:13 Kirkby Stephen
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