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16 Jul 2011
Have you seen the new £50 note that has been released with a new Motion Thread.

The green "motion thread" has five windows featuring the pound symbol and the number 50, which move up and down when the note is tilted from side to side.

The thread has been woven into the new-style note, which celebrates the 18th century business partnership of entrepreneur Matthew Boulton and engineer James Watt, rather than printed on to it.

When the note is tilted up and down, the images move from side to side and the number 50 and the pound symbol switch.

The Boulton and Watt note is the first Bank of England note to feature a motion thread, as well as marking the first time two portraits have appeared together on the back of a Bank of England bank note.

Boulton was a leading entrepreneur of the Industrial Revolution.
In 1775, he went into partnership with Watt, whose improvements to steam engine design had led to greater efficiency and cheaper running costs.

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