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New Liveries for Long Haul Trains in Portugal

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4 Nov 2011
Valongo - Portugal
I could have had added this as a reply to the Most and Leasy favourite foreign liveries, but since this is more an opinion chase rather than a self statement of opinion, I think it fits better to have this thread in it's own. Mods, feel free to fuse the threads if you think it's better.

Anyway, in Portugal, CP is restyling it's long haul rolling stock. The passenger cars are receiving their 4th livery in 30 years, and are ditching the Intercity logo because these cars are any longer going to be locked to that service (due to a long story explained in part here)

Colours now reflect the class of the car, making it absurdly easier to spot 1rst and 2nd Class.

While, at the same time, the premium Pendolino service is receiving its mid-life refurbishment, and a new image is being implemented to the stock. On thing that I notice is that some iconography is now being shared between the IC and AP services, while at the same time keeping it unique.





What do you lads think of these new liveries? Do you like then? Hate then? Do they remind you of something? Do they convey better and easier to find information on the train? Do they convey a sense of quality, or a desperate need to keep things look new?
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