New Terror Attacks Being Planned!

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10 Jun 2005
As stated on the AOL News Pages,
Television station Al-Jazeera has aired an audio tape purportedly from Osama bin Laden warning that al Qaida is preparing new attacks in the United States, while offering a "truce'' to rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan.

The voice on the tape said heightened security measures in the United States are not the reason that there have been no attacks there since the 11 September 2001 suicide hijackings.

Instead, the reason is "because there are operations that need preparations, and you will see them'', he said.

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"We have seen explosions in many European countries. As for similar operations taking place in America, it's only a question of time. They are under way, and you will hear about them soon.

"Based on what I have said, it is better not to fight the Muslims on their land,'' he said.

"We do not mind offering you a truce that is fair and long term. ... So we can build Iraq and Afghanistan. ... There is no shame in this solution because it prevents wasting of billions of dollars... to merchants of war.''

The speaker did not give conditions for a truce in the excerpts aired by al-Jazeera.

Earlier, more than 1,000 supporters of an Islamic group chanting 'death to America' rallied through two crowded bazaars to condemn a US airstrike on a Pakistani border town.

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Last Friday's attack killed at least 18 local people, but Pakistani authorities have said at least four foreign militants were also killed, possibly including an al Qaida explosives and chemical weapons expert and a relative of the terror network's deputy leader, Ayman al-Zawahri.

The latest rally followed larger protests over the weekend in which more than 10,000 took to the streets to protest against the attack and denounce the United States as well as Pakistani President General Pervez Musharraf for cooperating with Washington.

Quite alarming really! :shock: :? I'm just glad that I'm not in the US. However, I'm sure anyone on the forums who is in the US, will be fine if the unthinkable was to happen... ;)
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I think the idea is more to scare people, they won't necessarily attack the USA. I mean, who predicted Madrid and London (well, yes, it was coming, but there was no prior warning).


14 Oct 2005
the world is a not nice place sometimes why cant peaple from all faiths and countrys be more nice to each other perhaps :D as at the end of the day we are all human beings
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