New Ticket Design Launched

Discussion in 'Fares Advice & Policy' started by Solent&Wessex, 7 Mar 2014.

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    22 Mar 2012
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    My guess would be that people type in all sorts of numbers copied from the ticket where the form asks for a ticket number, and the people handling the claim just type in whatever appears on the scan. If I'm right, I expect they'll stop asking for ticket numbers altogether at some point.

    Where I think it would be useful for ticket numbers to be made clearer is with advance tickets which have separate reservation coupons. The ticket number is in large print at the top of the coupon, but only in small print at the bottom of the ticket, with a big blank space at the top.

    And it probably would be an idea if it didn't refer to "the booked services below" when the reservations aren't on the ticket.
  2. Indigo2

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    16 Apr 2010
    I think that in the example Mojo has shown there are actually 3 numbers: 11657, 11658 and 11659. Even though there is just one coupon printed, my understanding is that from the point of view of settlement (and what is logged in LENNON), there are still three tickets: one travel ticket and one supplement for each of the two reservations.

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