New Traction hauling a Blue Pullman at Buckfastleigh

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Julian G

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9 Jun 2005
Saturday 28th October

> Quote from issue No.56 of the 'Devonian' magazine:
> ".....visit by FM Rails Blue Pullman. This 11 coach air braked train
> is expected to be worked by a 47 to Totnes with a pair of 31's on the
> rear. On arrival at the mainline station the train will reverse with
> the 31's powering the train onto the SDR. Once off mainline metals the
> 47 will be detached from the rear of the train (it is too heavy for
> the SDR) and will be replaced by 37321. The train then works to
> Buckfastleigh with the 31's and 37 working top and tail. Once the
> passengers have detrained at Buckfastleigh the train works empty stock
> to Bishops Bridge to stable. Later in the day it returns to
> Buckfastleigh as another empty stock prior to forming the return
> service to Totnes, this time with the 37 hauling the 11 coaches and 2
> dead 31's. The 37 will be replaced by the 47 at Totnes SDR before the
> train returns onto the mainline."
> Should be rather interesting.

ta Bill
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