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Newcastle - Stansted Airport

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8 Sep 2016
Hey guys,

I'm looking to travel to London Stansted with my partner, on the 19th September arriving before 15:00PM.

I've been trying to split ticket, and have been trying to travel to random semi large stations across the country (Newcastle to Leeds, York, Manchester, Liverpool, etc).

The cheapest price I've been able to find for the both of us is around £70, which is reasonable. We have no railcards.

I thought I would ask for advice from you guys to see if anyone knew any tricks I may be missing (e.x. Travelling to a cheaper airport, and getting to stansted in a different cheat manner).

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28 Jun 2010
If there are 2 of you it may be worth investing in a two together railcard which will give you a discount on any fare you have found and also any split fares other users may find for you and could pay for itselkf and some

John @ home

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1 Mar 2008
A price of around £70 for two adults without Railcards to travel Newcastle - Stansted Airport arriving by 1500 on Monday 19 September is impressive.

trainsplit currently suggests a total of £97.80 for travel:
  • 1035 Newcastle - Doncaster 1158
  • 1217 Doncaster - Peterborough 1306
  • 1318 Peterborough - Stansted Airport 1440.
with separate Advance tickets for each of the 3 trains. This forum has a partnership with trainsplit which is explained here.

If a price around £70 for two adults is still available, take it!

If you have to pay significantly more than £70, consider buying a Two Together Railcard. This costs £30 if bought at a railway station booking office, or £27 if bought online at twotogether-railcard.co.uk using discount code LEAFLET3. You'll need a passport sized photo of each of you. This Railcard gives 34% off most rail fares when both adults travel together and is valid for 12 months. It can't be used before 0930 Monday - Friday.
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