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NIR 8208 on a liner and Mark 3 EGVs bound for Belfast

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16 Nov 2008
Dublin, Ireland
Hi all,
Bit of an Enterprise theme to today's update. First up, 082 brought two Mark 3 Generator Vans north from Dublin to Belfast today. They are due to enter service on the Enterprise by the end of the month. The movement is seen here at Howth Junction:

I then popped down to North Wall to get orange/black 084 in some lovely sun arriving with the morning service from Tara Mines:

As well as it heading down Alexandra Road tramway:

It was then a quick dash across Dublin to get the highlight of the day. NIR's 8208 operated the 0820 IWT liner from Ballina to Dublin today. This is the only loco in the current Enterprise livery and has performed exceptionally rare duty on the IWT. It is seen here passing Platform 10 at Heuston as it enters the Phoenix Park tunnel, though weather conditions not as good as they had been for 084:

Rest of today's pics can be found here:

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