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NLL News (Nov 2005)

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14 Jun 2005
Walthamstow, London
The latest from teh NLL users group, the extra trains are very welcome!

Penalty fares come to the NLL Mainline
A penalty fare system will be introduced on the NLL Mainline (North Woolwich-Richmond) in January. It will NOT include the GOBLIN (Barking- Gospel Oak) however, but if you have not been issued with a ticket on the Barking train you will need to purchase one at Gospel Oak if you are travelling beyond there or you may incur a fine.

The same applies at Barking already. All Silverlink’s conductors are currently having training/refresher training on ticket issuing; hopefully that will improve the level of fare collection, which is a problem that has never been successfully cracked by successive managements to date (though certain individual conductors are renowned for their vigilance!).

Security Gaurds
Silverlink’s on-train security-guard arrangements have changed, with British Transport Police officers and community support staff replacing private guards. They will cover two-thirds of all trains between 15 00 and close of service, Mondays to Fridays. Hopefully the visible security presence should improve as a result; too often the previous contractors’ staff were nowhere to be seen.

Extra peak hour trains
Following concerted lobbying by ourselves and London TravelWatch, Silverlink and Transport for London have put in a bid to Network Rail to run three extra rush-hour relief services starting December 12th. These would run as follows:

From Upper Holloway dep 07 42
From Barking dep 08 23 - thus relieving the chronically overcrowded 0808
From Gospel Oak dep 17 10

We await Network Rail’s decision with firmly-crossed fingers; as soon as we receive it we’ll let you know.

In addition there are many revisions to the peak hour services on the West London and NLL Mainline incorporatiing more through Clapham-Stratford trains plus a welcome in crease in capacity.
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