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[NLL] NLL News (July/Aug 2005)

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14 Jun 2005
Walthamstow, London
Just thought I would update you all on the latest NLL news since the latest NLL Users Group Meeting:

New cycle policy
Following consultation with stakeholders and passenger groups, a new cycles on trains policy is in force, the new restrictions are as follows:

Watford Junction- Euston DC: Cycles are not permitted on trains that arrive into Euston between 0700-1000 or depart Euston between 1630-1900

NLL Mainline (North Woolwich-Richmond): Cycles are not permitted between Gospel Oak and Willesden Junction in either direction on trains that depart these two stations between 0800-1000 and 1630-1830

GOBLIN (Barking-Gospel Oak): Cycles are not permitted between Blackhorse Road and Gospel Oak in either direction between 0800-1000 and 1630-1830

The existing Silverlink County cycle restrictions still apply.

GOBLIN- TOTAL shutdown 05-08-2005 to 22-08-2005
Due to extensive engineering work by Network Rail the Gospel Oak-Barking line will be closed CONTINOUSLY from end of service on 05th August to start of service on the 22nd August. An amended timetable will run as follows:

On Mon-Fri a shuttle train service will run every 30 minutes throughout the day (including all evening) between Gospel Oak and South Tottenham. Replacement buses will then serve all stations between South Tottenham and Barking*

On Sat-Sun the whole line will be closed, no trains will run at all. Replacement buses will run the full length of the line from Gospel Oak to Barking serving all stations*

Full timetable is below, please note that the evening train service on Mon-Fri will now run every half hour, so that if the bus is held in traffic passengers would not have an hour wait for the train to come back!

*because of the road layout at Walthamstow Queens Road, buses would not be able to serve this station directly, buses would therefore stop nearby.

http://www.wagn.co.uk/EngNews/Docs/PDFs/396_GOB Block TT for web.pdf

Light at the end of the tunnel...at last!
On two fronts, firstly the chronic overcrowding on the 0808 ex Barking, following a meeting with the London Transport Users Commitee on this issue, SL are now looking into either increased train lengths or extra services, either would need the acquirement of an extra unit.
Secondly, the long awaited direct footpath link between Walthamstow Central and Walthamstow Queens Road is now advancing because TfL has now got involved and but the missing bit from Exeter Road to WQR may have to wait until the public inquiry in.......Feb 2006! (The path from Walthamstow Central car park to Exeter Road is complete but sealed off).

Next open meeeting
The next NLL GOBLIN meeting will be held on 19th September 2005 commencing at 1900 at Barking Town Hall, all welcome, members and non-members alike!

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