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North East Rover Day 1

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30 Sep 2005
Day 1........................ (sunday)

Arrived at Doncaster at 09:15. 66164 roled in platform 1 on ballast http://www.ajp.fotopic.net/p21902438.html (crap picture I no)
Jumped onto the 0941 Gner service to Edinburgh as far as Newcastle. This was 91119.

Passed Holgate sidings were 66579 was stabled on a freightliner.
Passed the NRM were 45112 peaked out of the shed (terrible joke or what) and that shunter D2860 was visible.

Then passed Tyne Yard nothing but 37100 was viewable. Then pulled into jordieland. 67001 was the thunderbird http://www.ajp.fotopic.net/p21902440.html . Had an hour there nothing exciting happened so jumped on 10 car 221133 and 221121 to Darlington.

Passed Tyne yard again and saw 66238 leaving north on HTA's and 66110 on another coal train. I had to much of the voyager and got off at Darlington.

At Darlington I was going to go to Thornaby. But I just missed my connection and it was a Sunday so changed my mind. There loads of pacers at Darlo (4 in total stabled) http://www.ajp.fotopic.net/p21902441.html .

I then jumped onto 91126 to York were I allighted http://www.ajp.fotopic.net/p21902442.html
I decided to go to go Leeds on 158799. Arrived at Leeds and got158975 back York. Saw 43159/43086/91129/08525 plus units on Nevill Hill depot

Back at the amazing York station. I then decided to get the 1533 Gner service to Doncaster leaving me 20 minutes to kill at York. Checked the screen and all trains were severly delayed because a muppet striking a bridge at Drem. At 1615 DVT popped round the corner. Before that 66528 passed through the station on coal and 91128 ECS http://www.ajp.fotopic.net/p21902446.html (DVT of 91128).

Got on 91111 packed to the max back to Doncaster were 67017 was stabled along with all the 47's and shunters that are stored there. Great Value for money IMO. :D :D :D :D
Not open for further replies.