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Northern free ticket route

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3 Apr 2011
I have yet to use a Northern complimentary return ticket from a severe delay in 2019. Having read on here that there are basically no restrictions on the route, I wonder if the following would be accepted if I write "Newcastle to Liverpool"?

Newcastle-Thornaby-Darlington-(buy another ticket to York)-Harrogate-Leeds-Nottingham-(buy another ticket to Stoke)-Manchester-Liverpool?

Or would some guards have an issue with a big diversion to the "dead ends" of Northern? I am aware that a big diversion via the Cumbrian coast is perfectly fine as it's all on Northern, but I am trying to save as much money as possible by going to places I actually need to go rather than places that are nice to go :)
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Mcr Warrior

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8 Jan 2009
Have done Carlisle to Manchester (via Barrow) on a Northern complimentary ticket, but had to buy an additional VT/Avanti single between Lancaster and Preston due to the paucity of Northern services on that particular leg of the journey upon arrival at Lancaster.

Not quite the answer to the question you asked, and travelling via Nottingham on your proposed itinerary looks to be somewhat off route, even on a Northern complimentary, which is presumably issued as a single or return and not as a day rover.
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