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Discussion in 'Railway Jobs & Careers' started by choochoo1988, 14 Feb 2020 at 14:31.

  1. choochoo1988

    choochoo1988 Member

    8 Oct 2018
    Hi, does anyone have a little bit more info about this role and what sort of background they prefer their candidates to come from ?
    Listing is a little vague but sounds interesting!
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  3. ILoveLamp

    ILoveLamp Member

    22 Nov 2019
    Modern day name for Toilet cleaner? ;)
  4. Fred Dinenage

    Fred Dinenage Member

    23 Jul 2013
  5. Freds dad

    Freds dad Member

    28 Mar 2014
    Could you share the job listing with us?

    Edit: See post above
  6. Cyclist

    Cyclist Member

    5 May 2018
    if you click on the post it lists 27 aspects of the job:

    Purpose of Job:
    Responsible to the Team Leader Movements for the operation of signals and power points and control of movements within the depot complex.
    List of Duties:
    1. Work to instructions of the Team Leader - Movements, undertake any work as required, subject to competence.
    2. Advise the Team Leader Movements of all work arising and any difficulties encountered.
    3. Strictly adhere to Depot protection procedures.
    4. Adhere to commitments outlined, and signed for, within the Safety Responsibility Statement.
    5. Keep Control Tower building clean and tidy at all times.
    6. Adherence to applicable standards and procedures for quality, environment and safety.
    7. Assist other members of the team.
    8. Regulate movements of rolling stock in accordance with Rules and Regulations.
    9. Ensure safety of staff working in the depot sidings.
    10. Liaise with Newcastle IECC regarding the input into Automatic Route setting system in the IECC via the Train Describer.
    11. Liaise with Newcastle IECC and the Electrical Control Office regarding local isolation of the overhead line, including blocking depot lines to electric traction.
    12. Ensure train crews arrive, and direct them to their departing trains.
    13. Liaise with respective Train Crew Resource Centres when Crews do not arrive.
    14. Notify and update respective Business Control when trains are subject to delays or in reverse.
    15. Ensure details of arriving stock are relayed to the Team Leader Movements.
    16. Relay orders and messages to shunting staff and Depot Drivers.
    17. Relay messaged of faults on departing trains to the Team Leader Movements.
    18. Record numbers/sets/times of arriving and departing stock on the log sheet, forwarding on a daily basis to the Production Office.
    19. Advise Team Leader Movements the number of DMU stock arriving.
    20. Remote operation of the carriage washing plant.
    21. Receive messages “out of hours” and record/relay same to Team Leader Movements.
    22. Operate the yard power points in cases of failure/emergency.
    23. Comply with the safety responsibilities applicable to the post.
    24. Deal with enquiries professionally.
    25. Report train delays to “TRUST”.
    26. Reporting to POIS/TOPS of train arrivals and departures at the depot.
    27. Responsible for reservation label printer and distribution of labels
  7. DA1

    DA1 Member

    22 May 2017
    Sounds basically like a YMC (Yard Movement Controller). There’s an external one at my depot who came from the buses, all the rest are ex BR shunters.
  8. Fred Dinenage

    Fred Dinenage Member

    23 Jul 2013
    Mmm. Mentioned 3 posts above. You could also say it’s to move trains around a yard. Trains run on rails. There are rails in the yard.

    Basically, it’s to do with trains. Moving them about. Not by hand, though.

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