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Discussion in 'Allocations, Diagrams & Timetables' started by jonathan01n, 12 Jun 2018.

  1. jonathan01n

    jonathan01n Member

    29 Apr 2017
    I noticed in the past 2-3 weeks there are no pacers on this route and it is replaced with 150, 156 and 158s. I wonder where the pacers are displaced and originally what lines do those 150 and 158 works on.

    Times I noticed: 11/06/18 19:22 class 150 (to Leeds?/ PIDS display Leeds but I think it is going to Sheffield)

    06/06/18 class 158 20:16 Sheffield bound.
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  3. Adam0984

    Adam0984 Member

    18 Feb 2014
    The Sheffield to Lincoln trains now start at Leeds and come via Barnsley. They also interwork with the Leeds to Nottingham now so run Leeds - Lincoln - Leeds - Nottingham - Leeds and start again. So because pacers can’t go south of Chesterfield in service they have to be worked by 15Xs or if a pacer does go to Lincoln it has to be swapped at some point before it goes to Notts
  4. robbeech

    robbeech Established Member

    11 Nov 2015
    There’s still the odd one later in the evening that gets a pacer on it. I assume when it’s swapped out. These as you say are generally 15X and I for one am absolutely over the moon about it.

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