Northern Vs deutsche bahn jobs

Discussion in 'Railway Jobs & Careers' started by Worldwide, 14 Oct 2018.

  1. Worldwide

    Worldwide Member

    10 Dec 2016
    I have noticed there’s more jobs for northern advertised on the
    deutsche bahn website than there actually is on the northern website for those who are job hunting.
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  3. Jonfun

    Jonfun Established Member

    16 Mar 2007
    North West
    Aye, all DB/Arriva TOCs are using that new system now as far as I'm aware.
  4. Arrpi87

    Arrpi87 Member

    5 Jun 2018
    Have all current applications been transferred from the Northern website to the new DB site, does anyone know?

    I applied in April on the old site and I'm having trouble logging into the new site. Unable to get on so far to see how it's getting on.
  5. Alan smith

    Alan smith Member

    22 Apr 2018
    I’ve applied for a conductor position through the DB website and was offered to sit an online assessment which I have completed but I never got an email to say if passed or failed or even just test completed. I know with northern they used to send one email inviting to take the second test then nothing after this, so does this sound correct for Arrivas recruitment process? As they seem to be the ones dealing with it at the minute? I would contact them but I don’t know who to email Arriva northern or dB any help would be much appreciated
  6. GJL9916

    GJL9916 Member

    19 Jul 2018
    Hi Alan, I have been invited to take the online tests as well (which is the first time I've gotten anywhere with arriva!) mine is for the position at Liverpool, which one did you go for? Do you have any advice with the tests? I have only just got the email so will check the practise material tonight, I did see there were loads of different practise tests like numeracy and English etc. Can you tell me what kind of tests the online ones were so I know which to concentrate on? I have only ever done SJT tests online in the past so want to brush up on things before taking them!

    Cheers & good luck

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