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Discussion in 'Fares Advice & Policy' started by RJ, 3 May 2015.

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    Following another thread with regards to Southeastern refusing to sell a Dartford to Zones 3-6 Travelcard for a Dartford to Lower Sydenham journey (changing at Lewisham), I looked it up in the season ticket calculator. With a start date of today, it's suggesting only suggesting a Dartford to Zones 1-6 Travelcard. I changed the start date to a weekday and it correctly offers the Dartford to Zones 3-6 Travelcard.

    Now, the public do tend to know when they are being given dud information, either by a website or by a ticket seller. One of the first questions that any customer would ask would be "Why do I need to pay for Zone 1 when I'm not going into Zone 1?" Or Zone 2 for that matter, but that's being discussed in the other thread - apparently, Southeastern's ticket office staff insist on paying for Zone 2 even though every station along the London part of the route is in Zones 3-6.

    For those who programme these websites, not everyone can, fiddle, hack and manipulate input options until it produces the appropriate result. I'm guessing this situation is something to do with some engineering works on this weekend and only a limited number of itineraries, strictly for the start date only being queried. It should be as simple as inputting the stations and all appropriate suggestions coming up.

    Any thoughts?
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