Nunckley Hill (Mill Spinney) Update

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8 Jun 2005
This is taken from Railway Vehicle Preservations website


Railway Vehicle Preservations Ltd have now submitted the planning application to
Charnwood Borough Council for the reinstatement of the former Mountsorrel branch
and associated shed for storage of our collection of historic vehicles. This
follows detailed surveying of the site since its acquisition in June, and
subsequent preparation of the supporting documentation.

Briefly the application covers the reinstatement of the branch from the GCR's up
loop at the north end of Swithland sidings to the limit of RVP's land (just
short of the former Nunckley Hill quarry site). A large area to the North of the
branch as it curves away from the GCR line is shown as the site of the shed
building to maximum dimensions of 86x21m, covering four roads and giving space
for RVP's entire collection. Infilling of the embankments is necessary in
several place to allow this size of shed to be accommodated, and this is
included on the plans. The exact design of the shed will be finalised once the
outcome of the planning application is known. The area of woodland known as
"Mill Spinney" (also within RVP's boundaries) is left largely undisturbed, as is
the shield of tress on the South side of the branch. All work done on the site
will be in compliance with the recommendations of the Ecological survey
commissioned in October. The site plan is shown at

The application encompasses all advice received from the Planning Officer,
Council Ecologist and Highways Engineer, all of whom have visited the site. The
survey work, plans and the application itself have all been completed to an
exceptionally high standard, entirely by volunteers to whom RVP wish to record
our thanks. We also wish to acknowledge the assistance and co-operation received
from both GCR and MLST. We are confident that any issues raised during the
planning application process will be satisfactorily resolved, but we do need the
assistance of the wider GCR community here (and particularly those living in the
Rothley / Swithland areas). As the application is publicised some local
residents may be concerned (and indeed may object). If GCR supporters become
aware of any concerns RVP would prefer to made aware. We firmly believe the
plans will have a minimum impact on the landscape and local ecology and need to
ensure the details are clearly communicated with all interested parties.

The application is expected to take around two months to process and the outcome
will be announced in due course. In the meantime some clearance work continues
to enable quotes to be obtained for full clearance and track laying. This in
turn will enable further grant applications to be made with the aim of starting
work as soon as planning permission is granted. The public appeal for £50,000
has so far raised around £10,000. The planning application has cost over £6000,
so clearly the appeal remains open and we urgently need more funds to provide
the necessary match funding for any grants we obtain. MLST continue to match
donations to this appeal on a pound for pound basis; please consider making a
donation (see the website, or send cheques payable to RVP Ltd to 22 Grange
Street, Burton On Trent, DE14 2ES). We also welcome offers of assistance from
anyone wanting to help on a practical basis.

Further details at
Queries are welcome, either through the discussion group if they are of a
general nature, or off the list if more specific.

Darren Martin
Chairman, RVP Ltd.

A site plan is shown at this location.

The Nunckley Hill website it at this location.

Donate if you want!
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8 Jun 2005
Should be awesome when it's done...come on help keep the "real" trains running! :D
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