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O&K Steam Restoration at DCDR

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18 Dec 2011
To anyone interested in steam preservation on the island of Ireland, Downpatrick & County Down Railway own two Orenstein and Koppel 0-4-0 locomotives dating from the mid-30s.

Purchased by DCDR in 1987, both locos were little better than scrap at that point. A full restoration was completed on O&K No3 and it provided a reliable service ever since. However, it is currently undergoing a boiler lift to earn a further 10 year safety certificate.

Meantime, O&K No1 is in the late stages of restoration with the aim of shortly having it back in steam for the first time in 40 years. To enable completion of this work and the boiler overhaul on No3, DCDR are currently running an appeal to help cover the cost involved.

Details of this appeal can be found on DCDR's website here www.downrail.co.uk as well as further information relating to the locos and DCDR itself.

The ultimate goal is to have both locos operational and to provide a steam-hauled service again, as soon as possible on this popular line. If you aren't already aware of DCDR, take a look around the site and perhaps pay a visit if you should find yourself in the vicinity. Visitors and volunteers are always welcome.
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Further to the poll related to this thread, I'd be very interested to get any feedback from people that have been to, or are interested in DCDR and more especially Irish preservation in general. Comments, positive or negative, are greatly appreciated.
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