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Old Train and Rail Parts Wanted

Discussion in 'Memorabilia, Media & Publications' started by Dan Quelch, 10 Aug 2018.

  1. Dan Quelch

    Dan Quelch New Member

    9 Aug 2018
    Dear All,
    Virgin Trains have Rail Forums permission and have been verified as genuine to post the following...

    We are embarking on a full-lifecycle project with the aim of helping communities at every stage.

    The project we are running is turning old train and rail parts into pop shops that can be used in our stations to help promote local charities and SME businesses.

    This will be a three stage process:
    1.Local communities, rail enthusiasts, etc. donating old rail and train parts
    2.Virgin Trains work with an organisation who can turn these parts in to the popup
    3.The popups used by local communities, charities and SME businesses.

    We wondered if anyone could help with stage 1?!?

    Got any old nuts, bolts, chairs, carriages, signs, etc. that you'd be happy to donate towards this wonderful project?

    Please get in touch at: dan.quelch@virgintrains.co.uk
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