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'one' Apologise to passengers.

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23 Jun 2005
An apology

4 July 2005

We are sorry for the problems you may have suffered whilst travelling on our Mainline services in recent weeks. We recognise that our standards of service have not always been as high or as consistent as you would expect and we would wish to deliver.

To improve train service punctuality and reliability we are:

# Securing an action plan from Network Rail designed to improve the performance of the infrastructure and ensure faults on the overhead lines don't damage the connections to our locomotives.

# Undertaking a reliability upgrade programme for the Class 90 locomotives.

# Hiring an additional 2 locomotives to help reinforce and improve performance standards.

To improve the on-train environment we are:

# Hiring specialist engineers to help minimise the number of vehicles affected by air conditioning problems.

# Providing water on carriages where the air conditioning has failed.

# Introducing additional travelling 'on-train' cleaners to help improve standards of cleanliness during the day.

In addition we are of course, investing £25 million in replacing the older carriages on the Norwich to London InterCity services with more modern, fully refurbished carriages. These vehicles will start to appear from the early autumn so that by next Summer the upgrade of the InterCity services should be complete.

Once again I apologise for any delayed or unsatisfactory journeys you have experienced with 'one'.

Andrew Goodrum
Business Director - Mainline

From http://www.onerailway.com/latestinformation/news/newsdisplay.asp?id=774
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