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One of those days.....

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25 Jun 2005
Back office
Went to Stratford this morning where 47813 passed through with 3 coaches. After realising that 66522 was 1hr late on the Hitchin scrap, I set off for Gospel Oak to see it. It passed me between Kentish Town and GO :(. So I went to Richmond, then took the long way to Clapham Junction via the Hounslow loop. I unexpectedly saw the injured SERCO tractors en route at Putney :(, hoping they would appear at Clapham Junction. I then boarded the 13:05 SilverLink service to Kensington Olympia, arriving 13:15. 35 minutes later, newly painted 73208, plus 73136, 73204 and 73209 came through on Stewart's Lane - Old Oak Common. I got several shots in beautiful sun, and the driver stopped the convoy for a photo shoot! I then headed for Acton Mainline for 47813 again, but I soon got the gen that it was well over an hour early. I saw it at Kensal Green Halt. I then did the Greenford Branch twice out of pure boredom. First time I saw the Park Royal - Angerstein sand, then the second time at Greenford I was told the Central Line was buggered due to a one under. So I headed for Victoria, then Shortlands. I stayed for a few minutes, then took a train to Bromley. As the doors of my train opened, 6M95 with 4 nuclear flasks hauled by 20314 and 20307 went through :(. Finally, at Euston, I eventually found the OMT after a LOT of searching, which had two DRS tractors on. I snapped that when it departed 1 early at 19:48 with thrash. At the same time, a long sleeper with an EWS 90 at the front and a Railfreight Distribution 90 on the back pulled in. I then went home!
Not open for further replies.