OOOh, I bloody HATE that

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You sign on to MSN or Yim and someone calls you up and says 'Hi'. You respond and they chat for a couple of lines then there are long pauses while you wait for replies. You enquire if they are OK and get told they are playing a sim or have several other convo's going in separate windows or they are watching TV. GGGGRRRR!!!

If they want to do those things why the hell did they call you up in the first place? It's most impolite and the height of rudeness. It's the same as if someone has knocked on the front door to visit you and sits down in the kitchen with a cuppa tea and then chats all the while on a mobile phone. I can understand if they get called off to answer their telephone or front door or you have called THEM at an awkward time but for them to call YOU and then do something else and keep you hanging is sheer downright ignorance. :banghead:
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6 Jun 2005
I'm not so sure; it could be argued that if they wanted to use a chat room then they would do so, and IMs are not the same as chat clients. True, you have the ability to send messages instantly and have 'real time' conversations, but they do allow people to reply when it's convenient.

In contrast, although they are also sent instantly, people don't expect immediate responses to e-mails or PMs.

It really depends on how you, as the user, want to use them.

Personally, I would never use just one IM window and nothing else. I understand that some people may do that, but we all have to respect that everyone uses IMs differently.

I do agree, however, that it is a bit daft for someone to say "hi" and then nothing else. After all, you wouldn't expect a PM or email just saying "hi". But, on the other hand, if you see someone you know passing you in the street, you may just say hi as you walk past them, so maybe they are using it in that way. It may not be rudeness to them.

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27 Jul 2005
Hmm. Sometimes I will start talking to people, and will then get deluged with a load of other people who may distract me from what I was originally doing - so whilst I may want to talk to the original person, other things get in the way, be it things happening here (damn, need to get this laptop plugged in.... where's the bleedin PSU...) or things on screen (don't suppose you have a copy of x file, would you?)
9 Apr 2006
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I suppose no response after a few line is OK than some people who chats non stop! Someone who recently added me on MSN decided to say hi straight away EVERY single time I sign on and yaks on and on until he decides to sign out or I decided to block or appear offline. Most of the time, ignoring him doesnt even work. Not only I found this terribly annoying, but most importantly stops me from doing my stuff.
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