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Opportunities to plan London's rail services

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9 Feb 2014
If you are interested in helping to plan the future of London's rail services, TfL have two vacancies for the position of Transport Planner in both the Train Service Planning (London Underground) and Rail Development (Overground and other TfL National Railway services, DLR, Trams) teams - within the Public Transport Service Planning Directorate.

Full details and how to apply are in the adverts on TfL's website on the following links:

https://tfl.taleo.net/careersection/external/jobdetail.ftl?job=035686 for the position listed as Transport Planner - Service Planning; the closing date for applications is Friday 23rd May 2021.

As part of Public Transport Service Planning, the Train Service Planning team is responsible for the identification, planning and implementation of train service changes on the London Underground network. We seek to maximise the benefits to customers from the capability of the railway and its supporting assets, within value for money and affordability constraints. Our work leads directly to enhanced customer services and increased revenue.

We are currently developing a number of train service changes that deliver the benefits of upgrade programmes, such as the Four Lines Modernisation Programme and the Northern Line Extension. We are also developing and implementing service changes on other lines that improve reliability or reduce customer journey times.

https://tfl.taleo.net/careersection/external/jobdetail.ftl?job=035457 for the position and Transport Planner - Development and Policy; the closing date for applications is Wednesday 19th May 2021.

This role is based in the Rail Development Team who develop plans for changes to London Overground, Docklands Light Railway and London Trams services, stations and supporting infrastructure to support the development of strategies, policies and plans for public transport to meet the objectives of the Mayor’s Transport Strategy.

In this role you will support the development of strong business case analysis for changes to policy and long-term plans for public transport service changes, in collaboration with scheme sponsors, which support TfL's strategic objectives, and which optimise customer benefit, taking into account value for money, available resources, operational constraints and stakeholder priorities.

The advertisments online give full details including the key accountabilities and then the Skills, Knowledge & Experience being sought and outline the potential pay and benefits…
Not open for further replies.