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Orange Monte Carlo phone advice please

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22 Aug 2010
Warrington NW ENGLAND
Any advice on the operation of an Orange Monte Carlo phone please. I believe its also a ZTE Skate. I purchased one on Saturday and I am struggling with it, the operating book that came with it I find absolutely useless. Simple things like deleting a video recording, or a picture are not really explained, when downloading an email how can you stop the download if you need to, none of these simple tasks are mentioned.

I have a Panther 15/50 package which Orange have updated to give me 500mb of web/ email use and extra minutes plus thousands of texts, I am happy with the deal just not with the instructions. I have always had a Nokia phone and their handbooks where always user friendly. What I cant figure out is the likes of Googlemail, Yahoo, maps , Navigation, etc. in fact most of the other Apps on the phone. If you have or had a Monte Carlo any help would be much appreciated. Basically what Apps can I use for nothing?
Not open for further replies.