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ORR Annual rail passenger usage figures 08/09 on Wikipedia.

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the sniper

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4 Sep 2007
Having just had a look at the spreadsheet of the ORR's usage figures for the 08/09 period, I went to have a look at wikipedia to see if the figures had been added to station's pages on there from along the Welsh North Coast. I found that every figure on there was (more or less) just off what the official figures are as shown on the official spreadsheet, which can be found here: http://www.rail-reg.gov.uk/server/show/nav.1529

Some examples:
Blaenau Ffestiniog - on Wiki: 34,126 - Official ORR figure: 33,368
Llandudno - on Wiki: '0.280 million' - Official ORR figure: 266,904
Llandudno Junction - on Wiki: '0.308 million' - Official ORR figure: 280,834
Bangor - '0.630 million' - Official ORR figure: 550,714

Looking randomly elsewhere, I came across more inaccuracies.
Banbury - on Wiki: '1.615 million' - Official ORR figure: 1,579,510
Wilmcote (Warwickshire) - on Wiki: 16,470 - Official ORR figure: 16,432 (38 off, how/why!!! :o )
Gravelly Hill (my local station ;)) - on Wiki: '0.408 million' - Official ORR figure: 404,066
Barmouth - On Wiki: '0.148 million' - Official ORR figure: 144,686
Hereford - On Wiki: '1.008 million' - Official ORR figure: 974,844

Only about 20% of the stations I checked had the correct figure.

And just in case someone thinks this, I don't think interchanges have been included into those Wiki figures, where the interchange figures are available. Take Hereford for example, the entries and exits figure is 974,844, the interchange figure is 31,229, which gives you a total of 1,006,073, which rounded down would be 2,000 off the figure on Wikipedia ('1.008 million').

So, I am I missing something glaringly obvious and the figures on Wikipedia are correct, or has someone just put in random, but almost accurate figures, on the wikipedia pages of station's across a great swath of the country? :|

I'd be interested to see more examples from further around the country, if there are any. I got bored of looking in the end. :lol:

PS. Yes, I did have too much time on my hands this afternoon. :p
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Doh, I can answer my own question!: :-x

This is on the ORR website:
The initial station usage figures available on this site between 25 March 2010 and 7 April 2010 contained an error which has now been corrected. Advance Purchase (‘Apex’) tickets were included twice within the ‘Reduced’ category, thus increasing entries and exits, particularly in areas with higher levels of advance purchase tickets e.g. stations served by intercity operators. ORR apologises for any inconvenience.

What a waste of time this post was! :lol:
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