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Out and About.

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4 Nov 2005
Having been sat at home during the morning talking to so random step family membes i was bored, so i got on my bike anddiscoverd a new photting location, mean while i got a phone call from me mum asking where i was i said well i dont actalluy know, she said well what timewill you be home i said once ive chased 2401 for a few hours, having waited 30 mins 2401 stuck its nose roudn the corner and appered thn disapper round the corner for a run to wareham, i then cyclied past bournemouth train care depot where got a pic of 3417 then onto poole, i got a few photos in poole park then went to go to the model shop and realised i hadnt brought my money with me, on the way hom i cyclied through poole park again and got some more pics, once home the random step family members were still there and hadnt moved lol, i was in then straight out back down to poole to get some more pics of 2401 then i went down to the model shop and then cycled slowly home , having covered a good 20 miles i was knackered got home and to the my delight the random step family memebrs were still there, they didnt leave till about 7, i gave up and came upstairs to work on my tram layout. that was my satruday.

Pictures are here http://stephen9466.fotopic.net/c887312.html
Not open for further replies.