Oyster PAYG and delays

Discussion in 'Fares Advice & Policy' started by Merseysider, 10 Apr 2015.

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  1. Merseysider

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    22 Jan 2014
    North West
    Rather than taking this thread off topic, I thought I'd ask in a new thread.

    This is something I've heard before but never asked about.

    Why is PAYG disadvantageous to the customer in the event of disruption? I thought the NRCoC covered tickets held in electronic format as well as traditional tickets. And if TOCs won't accept PAYG as part of a Delay Repay claim, why not?
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  3. Hadders

    Hadders Established Member

    27 Apr 2011
    As I understand it (and others are probably better able to advise) Oyster PAYG is not specifically prohibited but in the event of a delay when using an Advance ticket you need to get the part of the journey using PAYG verified before using a later service.

    This could be problematic because finding a person capable of reading an Oyster Card and being able/willing to verify the delay to the satisfaction of a national rail TOC could be problematic. Also, the time this could take could be a problem if you are already running late.

    For these reasons continuity is best provided by using paper tickets.
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