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Discussion in 'International Transport' started by STEVIEBOY1, 18 Aug 2015.

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    STEVIEBOY1 Established Member

    31 Jul 2010
    Good morning, I hope to be having a couple of nights in Paris next month enroute to the south and during my time there, I should like to do a day trip from Paris to Chartres, last time I was there was in the early 1970s on a school trip.

    I have been trying to work out what the fare is in euros, I don't want to pre book, but just buy tickets at Paris Mont Station, when I look on the SNCF Site it give times, then reverts to the UK Sales site for prices in GBP £ 12.50 each way.

    I don't think those trains are prebookable? they are TER services, leaving at 1006 and returning at 1530 ish. Would these be double deckers by any chance?

    Can one still buy Paris Metro tickets at STP by the way?
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  3. LNW-GW Joint

    LNW-GW Joint Veteran Member

    22 Feb 2011
    Mold, Clwyd
    Try this version:
    It says the normal fare is €16.

    They were double deckers when I last travelled that way (1995-ish!).
    To make the return journey a bit more interesting I went on from Chartres to Le Mans (very attractive) and came back via the LGV.
  4. jopsuk

    jopsuk Veteran Member

    13 May 2008
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