Peaks on the mainline

Discussion in 'Railtours & Preservation' started by YorkshireBear, 21 Oct 2011.

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  1. YorkshireBear

    YorkshireBear Established Member

    23 Jul 2010
    Is there any propect of getting a peak on the mainline as i would love to see one but can't get to any of the heritage railways that have them?

    Also i think they are under represented on the mainline with most other preserved classes showing examples of main line work.
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  3. 4SRKT

    4SRKT Established Member

    9 Jan 2009
    I remember how reviled Peaks were back in the day for being soooo boring. At my school back in 1984 the lunchtime Trainspotting Club was allowed to watch the nuclear flask stunt live on the school's only telly. As 46009 ploughed into the flask and blew up, one particularly impassioned EE man jumped up, punched the air and shouted "One less peak!".

    Mind you, I'd be happy to take one over the North Trans-Pennine now, and think this every time I sit in a 185 :(
  4. sprinterguy

    sprinterguy Established Member

    4 Mar 2010
    45112 was registered for use on the main line until quite recently, and 46035 (D172 "Ixion") was a long standing performer on the main line in the nineties.

    I don't know whether there are any plans to put a Peak back on the main line, though.
  5. fsmr

    fsmr Member

    11 Feb 2009
    a preserved peak out of st pancras to leicester on the night newspaper train. Now there is an idea
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