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Permanent Way Institute Lecture of the Network Decarbonisation Strategy on You Tube November 25th 2020

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14 Dec 2009
This PWI lecture lasts for one hour and is a comprehensive review by Network Rails Stephen Hart. For the benefit of those members who are unable to read or hear this presentation - it is supported by Stephen Hart's comprehensive commentary and a similar set of slides. This is a very substantial and detailed piece of work encompassing the phase out of diesel traction and its replacement by electrification, battery and hydrogen operation - in particular which one of those three options are suitable and why.

Traction Decarbonisation – Steven Hart - YouTube

He refers to more documents published on the Network Rail web site in pdf format - the full report consists of 257 pages
Traction Decarbonisation Network Strategy - Interim Programme Business Case (networkrail.co.uk)
Mr Hart makes interesting points on the type of traction required - such as what must/should/could/would replace almost the entire freight locomotive fleet.
This appears to have been an iceberg project - going on largely under the surface.
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7 Apr 2010
The NR report you link to was the subject of a thread back in September:
there was also an earlier speculation thread about it.
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