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Person hit by train @ Leyland 5/8/16

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Shaw S Hunter

Established Member
21 Apr 2016
Sunny South Lancs
Sadly yet another one of these at this location though precise location not yet confirmed. Fate of the victim also not yet known. Thoughts to all involved.

On the faintly positive side Network Rail appear to have done well to hold passenger services at suitable locations ie last Manchester Victoria to Blackpool North held (initially) at Bolton and both the last ex Euston and ex Liverpool to Preston at Wigan North Western, so staff around for information provision and reasonable chance of taxis for those who simply couldn't wait.

I first became aware of this when I heard a Pendolino on the WCML at a much later time than usual and started checking NRE/RTT. It appears the train involved was 5H42 2329 Preston to Longsight ecs (Pendolino).
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