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    10 Feb 2006
    I had as great three weeks in Perth, Western Australia during October. Lots of site seeing and travelling. I also managed to grab a fgew photos and bit of video.

    Also on my travels I came across two railway museums. One at Boyanup and the other at Yellingup to the south of Perth. I will send these up later. I had pre-knowledge of a RailFest at Bassendean (north of Perth) and really enjoyed that too.

    The link below is a mix of still images and clips of video. My local station was Cockburn Central 14 miles south of Perth on the Mandurah branch. All the local lines around Perth have been rebuilt and electrified with an excellent service of 12 minutes between trains (on a weekday). A day or Family ticket allows you too use all five local lines as well as buses and ferry.

    At Perth East I came across the Prospector, which is a 7 hour trip to Kalgoorlie and also The Indian-Pacific, which takes three days to go to Sydney. There is a third service, the Avon Link too and from Bunbury.

    Midland is an interesting spot where you can also see freight trains. There was also a Loco Works at Midland. Sadly I only saw the one freight train and a pair of light engines while there but it has it's busy times.
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