Photo Competition

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24 Dec 2005
For a while now I have been running a small photo competition on a forum. Now I have decided to branch out and create a larger competition with many more entries.

The current competition has just started and is of a class 220/221. To enter you must and send your entry in an email attachment to alternatively, if you own a fotopic site and have right clicking enabled you can send the direct link to the same email address.

All other information can be found on the website below on the guidelines and rules page.

Please note: As this post has been edited all the information is not present in the post anymore. If you are interested please read the guidelines page on how to enter.

I hope to see your entries soon.
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You can now enter photos even if you are not a member of the T52scene forum, however we do ask that you quote which forum you are a member of and use your username if possible as it makes it a lot easy to manage on the admin side of things.
E.g. Forum: Railwayscene, Username: Mintona
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