photos from Israel

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3 Apr 2006
near the sea of Galilee, Israel
metrocammel said:
Those passenger locos are the horrible Jewish version of 67's arent they! I wonder if they replaced rateable locos like 37's over there!?
first of all - you must remember that in Israel there are a lot of Muslems and Cristian so it can't be "the horrible Jewish version of 67's".
second - we didn't have 37's here but those 67's replaced another old locos.
it's the same like the 67's. made at the same place (Alsthom). have the same engine (i think so...)
Royalscot said:
Interesting. For some reason people seem to forget Israel has railways! Some of those coaches look very German or spanish.
there is a good reason to forget the railways here. problems all the time. there were two faults in the signaling centre that stopped almost all the train services in Israel. these 2 faults were at the same week.
some of the coaches are spanish (GEC Alsthom with an Israeli company) and some of the coaches (the double deck) are german (Bombardier)
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