Places to view / video trains in the East Midlands from a parked car?

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10 Dec 2019
Ideas, please. My son (aged 11) likes nothing better than videoing trains, especially HSTs. But with recent levels of Covid cases in Nottingham, I would prefer not to let him hang about the station and its crowds.

So do you know places I could take him on Saturdays and half term, where he could get a good view of trains and some good video shots from the safety of a car? Ideally a quiet spot where we would be able to see the tracks and trains approaching from a distance, and if he wanted to get out and go up to the fence I could still keep an eye on him.

I know of the following, but none are ideal. Other suggestions up to, say, 30-40 miles away would be appreciated:
  • Carpark beyond the level crossing leading to Attenborough Nature Reserve
  • Top deck of the station carpark at Tamworth
  • Railway access gate on Lawrence Way Nottm NG7 1GE
  • Lidl Car Park, Midland Way Nottm NG7 3NY
  • ....?
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