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  1. Steamhawk216

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    3 Sep 2009
    Hello Everyone,
    My Rail Traction Photos weebly and flickr websites have both been recently updated with a number of collections of photographs taken at a variety of locations. I have high-lighted some of them here.
    The first is a collection of six photographs which were taken when I went to Cowley Bridge Junction for the down passing of 37605 & 37059 hauling “The Devon Explorer” on Saturday 25th April 2015. I photographed the tour again at Crediton Station.
    Links here;
    Secondly a collection of fifteen photographs taken at Bridgwater Station of 60076 with 6M51 and 20305 & 20309 with 6M67 on Thursday 7th May 2015.
    Links here;
    Thirdly a collection of twenty-five photographs taken at Didcot Parkway when I visited for the arrival of diesel convoy consisting of 66741 hauling 56006, 50035, 45060 & 37057. Tuesday 12th May 2015.
    Links here;
    Lastly highlighted here is a twelve photograph collection taken when I made a visit to The Dartmouth Steam Railway when 70000 ‘BRITANNIA’ was hauling “The Dartmouth Express” on Friday 15th May 2015.
    Links here;
    I do hope you enjoy viewing my photographs as much as I did taking them.
    Regards SteamHawk.
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